Crypto accounting, reporting and treasury management made easy.

Streamline your blockchain transactions into one place and gain valuable insights on how your crypto is performing, anytime and anywhere.

Experience the benefit of having one single source of truth for asset management, accounting and audit

Integrations with DeFi, exchanges and institutional custody solutions. Track all your assets & transactions from DeFi protocols, wallets, exchanges, and institutional custodians to construct a complete picture of your digital asset activity ― without the hassle.

A feature set you can trust

Whether you are holding crypto in your treasury, use it for daily payments or manage a variety of client funds.

Aggregate all your transactions and assets in one place

Automated labeling and transaction reconciliation

Visualize and report on your crypto activity

Who we serve

Accounting for crypto can be cumbersome and tricky to wrap one’s head around. We’ve got you covered with specialized software solutions and the BitVision team supports you in optimizing your  bookkeeping in a customized and automated way.

We share our insider tips and tricks on how to set up the operations most efficiently, depending on your business requirements, saving hours of work.

Use Cases & Products

Track your crypto treasury across exchanges, custodians and DeFi protocols and merge that information with your FIAT based accounting system. Connect your crypto payment processor, invoicing tool or your payment wallet – manage your invoices and push the data to your accounting system. Track your dApps and smart contracts – monitor gas fees spent on contract deployment, NFT minting and 3rd party contracts to prepare your accounts.

About us

Rebecca Widmer

Rebecca Widmer

Product Strategy (CEO)
Rebecca is most passionate about providing quality solutions and support to clients making their lives easier and their work more effective and efficient.

Her experience includes investment accounting, financial accounting, and tax reporting with UBS, Julius Baer, and
Trinh Nam Viet

Trinh Nam Viet

Product Development (CTO)
Viet is dedicated to building and maintaining the tech stack and guiding the team in continuous improvement - building complex solutions, that simplify and add value to the user’s experience.

As a former Product CTO with Accesstrade, he built a web app from scratch for millions of users.

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